DIY : Personalised Frosted Vase

I love making stuff, especially when it is a gift for someone special. It is such a great feeling to hand over something that is unique and been made with love especially for them.  It was my sisters 22nd birthday recently and I decided to make her a personalised vase using frosted spray paint and instead of making a pattern use window stickers to write her name on it. I think it turned out rather well so I thought I would share it with you.


My supplies:

  • A Plain Glass Vase
  • Letter Stickers (I used window ones, but any stickers would work)
  • Frosted Spray Paint
  • Masking Tape

2014-02-01 21.58.58


 1. Place your stickers on the vase. (If using normal stickers put the sticker on some fabric and remove a couple of times to loose some of it’s sticky quality – otherwise you may damage the frosted effect when you try and peel it off.)  I didn’t need to do this with window transfers as the letters peeled off easily and had a jelly consistency that made them easy to pick off. I recommend using masking tape to make guidelines for the top and bottom of your name or phrase. This helps you to keep in straight when you are adding the stickers.Peel off your guidelines.


2. Use the masking tape to tape of the top edge of the vase. This gives it a clean finished line where the frosted spray ends.


3.Place the vase upside down on cardboard and follow the directions of the spray paint. I found 2 thin coats worked well with a hour (touch dry) in between each coat.

4. Peel off your stickers once dry and you are done!


I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was yet it looks great! My sister really appreciated the gift and I can not wait to make another. Although the next one may have to be for myself.