I love Tuesdays

I find I am always in a good mood on a Tuesday. Guaranteed time with my budding photographers. Not that I don’t enjoy working in Education Support but sometimes it’s nice to get away and submerge myself in their creativity and fresh ideas.

That said my students are coming to the end of their first 8 hour mock and whilst the final work is good the level of development is… umm… well pretty much non-existent. 12 photographs are not enough to carry you through a Photography A-Level guys! I think the marks I can give them as a result will be low and sink their spirits :(

Once these projects are marked we can have a chat about exam board expectations for their project sketchbooks. Maybe I need to give them a checklist of things to include so more than the bare minimum ends up in their books. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear them.

On the plus side they have started to take photographs in their own time which is a huge leap from where we started and later next month we will go gallery hopping round London for some artist research! I think I may be looking forward to this more than the students!

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